Today is an anniversary of sorts for me and that sexy track called Cota. I spent all of last year going to every event as part of my season ticket pass. It was a remarkable experience, as up till that point I had never seen live racing trackside. It wasn’t even my idea, I was gifted tickets to the 2015 F1 race the year before and had my interest sparked. Yes, despite getting drenched and muddied at F1 I followed through and bought season tickets.

You see I’m a sucker for a deal, getting an email in November of 2015 telling me I could have all the races for a year at the circuit had me saying “How can I lose?” It was only two hundred more than the F1 tickets had been, plus I was getting F1 2016. I was sold as fast as they could say “Limted Cyber Monday only deal.” Take my money and show me a good time. The same deal rolls around into my inbox fall 2016 and yet again the same reaction from me. Will I ever learn?

Last year first on the schedule was the Pirelli World Challenge. Starting with the Moto Gp moved me back on my anniversary by a month. I’ve never ridden a bike, but I can appreciate the insanity that is racing one with a knee almost touching the ground at any turn. I can appreciate almost any form of racing especially at the lovely Circuit of the Americas.


One solid year of races and I still don’t know how to buy an anniversary gift. It was an important year for being brought closer to the idea of car culture. Up till that point I had been the guy who knows about cars and watches a few races. Going to the track changed how I view the sport. It is about as open and easy to get into as it can be. Well, easy if you have a Fia rated track near by. As for the gift, turns out it is paper for year one. I hope printing out the ticket is enough of a gift. I guess I’m covered, right? So off I go on another year of what hopefully turns out to be a great race season.

P.s. All pics are taken by me. I might also post some more pics of the race this year.


Hello everyone,

I wrote a few things on COTA and did not get approved till Sunday to post here. I’m sharing because: I’ve been a jalop forever, it might be interesting, I cant stand to see my creative effort die on the vine, I want to spark a conversation. Hopefully I don’t get busted if I post them consecutively. Most of all let me know one way or the other, whats good, whats bad, and what needs change.