8th-generation Hilux, shown in Tokyo Auto Salon.

Japanese Domestic Market, while having cars we don’t get, have a dark side. Japan doesn’t get any pickup truck we have globally, such as Toyota Hilux, Tacoma and Nissan Datsun Truck (later Navara). While the overseas people have these large fun stuff, Japanese people can’t be able to get one.

In the pickup-hating Japan, the traditional, bonnet-type pickup trucks were kept out from JDM, and the Japanese regulations uses incompatible rules, ranging from emissions, car size to engine size, to make a ban hammer for these big-ass trucks. This is why the complete extinction of pickup trucks in Japan have been so long, and the Japanese aren’t getting the even mid-sized pickup trucks we have.


However, this will break soon, as Japanese people increasingly preferring roomier SUVs and minivans over plaIn lousy station wagons. According to some sources, including the Best Car news archive from Japan, Toyota Hilux, one of the famous Japanese pickups, will be revived in Japan after 13 years of disappearance. The historically luxury pickup will feature a few engine options, possibly including a hybrid option (because Japanese people prefer hybrids) for the first in the luxury pickup truck’s history. The new Hilux range was shown in Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this January.

Also, the revived luxury pickup truck will be on sale in JDM on September, as rumored.

Will the revived Hilux reviving the pickup-truck market in pickup-hating Japan? Or it will be in limited sales like the Land Cruiser 70 series and Mitsubishi Triton?


We haven’t heard any official news yet, but keep an eye on this. The Hilux is currently sold globally outside North America where Tacoma was sold, and Japan where the entire pickup truck market were extinct.