Oppo Review : Five Guys - Day One

As I’ve mentioned before, those five lovable guys have decided to open one of their hambuger stores within walking distance of my office. But apparently, their stores are so fancy, it requires 5 months to retrofit a sushi shop into a series of walls made of potato sacks. Well, today was day one!

There are other burgers available within walking distance, but Five Guys fills a new niche (for me). It’s better than the burgers really close, and closer than the burgers that are crazy good. This makes them very likely candidates to trade me slow death for lunch money.


Since today is their first day open, I expected a crowd. And a crowd there was, on both sides of the counter. There were no less than 15 people crammed into the narrow aisle next to the grills.

Generally, it’s over priced, but that just helps them blend in with most of the other places around here. If you want to pay $12 for a small scoop of shepard’s pie that you serve yourself from a tin, I’ve got the place for you! Instead, $12 for a double bacon cheese burger (ALL THE WAY, with fries) is a much better proposition.

I’ll probably go back when I’ve got a hankerin’ for a burger, and the weather isn’t good enough to facilitate the 1 mile walk to the real king of burgers, a tiny convenience store in the rough part of town.

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