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The Ford Explorer is the Future Iconic Police Car

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I worked hard to recognize the Taurus and Charger because I assumed one of them would replace the Crown Victoria. Well I have come to terms that when my future kids and especially grandkids say, “Pulwis Cawr,” they will be thinking of a crossover.


When they draw a cop car, it will be an Explorer. When you are reading one of those alphabet books and get to “P is for Police,” it will be accompanied by a seemingly stock Ford Explorer picture. When you go into their room and they are playing with their toy cars there will be a black and white crossover flying in the air while your kid is screaming, “Weewoo-weewoo-weewoo-weewoo-weewoo, wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu, Wwwweeeeeeeeeeeee wwwwoooooooooooo!”

Just something to think about because at the local level, yeah you’ll see tons of other police vehicles. But when you do a cross-country trip you and your family are going to see countless Ford Explorers in nearly identical black and white liveries no matter what state you are passing through. That’s the future I’m realizing and an interesting perspective change.

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