Lotus Update: 6 weeks in

I honestly haven’t driven this much over the past 2 weeks as its been very very very rainy in Northern Florida. I was supposed to drive up to TN and run the tail of the dragon last a little over a week ago but I had to bail last minute as the AC (or what Lotus calls AC) died on me. Just needed a recharge and a fuse swap.

Anyways, I’ve had this weird rattle on deceleration that I’ve been chasing down and based on what Ive heard and some recommendation on the forms I decided to replace the motor mounts.


Decided to upgrade to some stiffer mounts from Innovative.

It took care of the rattle on decel but my god does the rest of the car rattle at idle and low rpms now.

Might switch back to the hem front mount for street use. A few guys have runt this setup and said its a good mix for street use.


I’ve also got a bunch more parts on order (and a bad habit of ordering more), so if you want to stay up to date on my Lotus adventures and you have an account on the instagram, follow me @car_is_mi for more random Lotus stuff (and sometimes my other cars).

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