Harry Talks About the Jaguar XE SV Project 8

I realized that no one understood why I went nuts when Jaguar unveiled the XE SV Project 8. I said it was the most insane sedan ever...period! The first Hypersedan in my book. Thank goodness Harry is so transparent about SVO projects. He also reminds you that the supercharger on this car requires up to 190 PS in order to net the cars 600 PS rating meaning we have a 3-Series sized car running up to 790 PS (779 hp) at the crank. Re-engineered to offer high speed stability, epic handling, in the lightest car Jaguar has to offer. Only 300 units for $200,000...Oppo, Im telling you this is a killer deal for a killer car.

For reference, the LT4 takes about 55 hp to spin the supercharger (net 650 hp means a gross 705 hp). The Hellcat engine took 80 hp to spin the supercharger last I checked so that’s a 787 hp engine. I have no clue about the Demon but I wouldnt be surprised if it’s around the same as the SV Project 8 (which would make that 1,023 hp number we heard before the 840 hp reveal much more understandable).

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