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My parent's first Ford ownership experience is going well

Wait... No, no it’s not.

It’s such a shame such a good looking car is built so bad.

Here’s a handy little list of what is currently wrong on a 3 year old, 36000 mile car that is in no way abused by my middle aged mother:

-A couple days ago a piece of the sun visor just fell off into my mom’ lap while driving. This piece had already broken on the passenger side about month 2 of ownership.


-She’s also still complaining about a rattle the Ford dealer has claimed is the sunroof controls and has “fixed” twice now.

-There’s a creak from the rear end over bumps if someone sits in the back that’s only audible on the inside.

-It has a recall right now that the seat belts might fail to remain latched in an accident which didn’t have a remedy for about 6 months, which is I think recall number 4 on a 3 year old car.

-The trim around the window switches is popping up again on all 4 doors, the Ford dealer has fixed it once already.


I mean yes, thankfully there’s been nothing that affects reliability (except those couple days it just wouldn’t start without a jump then when we tried to show the Ford dealer it started just fine...) but this still might be only the second car my mom ever gets rid of before its paid off. And probably the last Ford.

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