Future Europpomeet: where and when? Polls!

Given the success of the previous long weekend meets at the Nürburgring in March and in the Alps in June we thought it would be a great idea to have a poll for a future destination. There are 4 polls below:


I would like to ask you to only enter your preferences if you at the very least are considering actually coming to that location during our meet. The personal preferences of those who already know they won’t be coming anyway are not that relevant to the rest of us. Everyone can give suggestions though.

Poll 1: Where would you like to have the next meet? Multiple selections possible, as are open suggestions!

Poll two: where would you NOT like to go? Again, multiple selections possible:


Poll 3: When?


Poll 4: When NOT?


All polls allow you to add comments. You can add comments below as well. I can always add options to the polls if needed. Let me know!

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