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Pawnshops don't seem to know what they have

I’d like to get a new(er) Mac mini, but I’m a cheap bastard and want to buy used. Today I stopped by a pawn shop that actually had two of them, and they had the same model number and looked almost identical (one had an extra Thunderbolt port). Both were priced at $320. The first one was a 2010 Core 2 Duo model, and as such was probably overpriced. The second one is a Core i5 1.4 GHz model, which is still current and still selling for $500 new.

I was planning on purchasing something faster than my old 2009 mini in a few months when the Mazda5 is paid off. The 1.4 GHz unit would probably suffice for now, and for the price I could probably resell it in a few months and get my money back.


EDIT: I just read that this thing is stuck at 4GB and cannot be upgraded. WTF Apple? Umm, no thanks. That technique is barely acceptable on a notebook, but is an unforgivable sin on a desktop. Will there be another Mac mini update? With every passing day it looks less likely. What’s a poor Apple user to do? They probably doesn’t want to hear this, but my i7 Windows 10 desktop is probably good enough to keep me from buying another Mac in the near future, and I may just build a newer i7 or Ryzen machine instead of buying another Mac. Once again, WTF Apple?

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