I got an email a couple days ago from the organizer of Stateline Rallycross. He wants to sponsor the RallyMetro to run the Gambler 500-Illinois ... which I did not know was a thing. I remember reading David Tracy’s story about the Michigan version, and it sounds like a stupid amount of fun. There are two big hurdles I have to cross.

First and foremost, I need to get permission from my wife, as I’d really prefer to stay married. Second, I need to figure out how to get license plates for the RallyMetro. I live in the part of Illinois that requires emissions testing for all OBD2 vehicles, and the RallyMetro has a perpetual SES light on. That never mattered to me before, because I had no intention of putting it on the road.


It’s an intriguing development, and one I can hope make happens. Wish me luck Oppo!

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