Flies racing up a wall?

Because you can race anything these days...except a V8 ute.

With the demise of the Commodore and Falcon based utes, the mob at SuperCars have decided to reboot the category using dual cab trucks instead.


These are some of Australia’s best selling cars so why not. So far six models (Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado and Mazda BT-50) have been homologated for the series.

They are all set up in 2WD with their own turbo diesel engines (limited to 340bhp and a torque figure of 500 ft/lb.). The gearbox and rear diff are controlled as are their ratios. Also controlled are the 20" wheels and tyres. They are all fitted with the same Motec engine management system, Brembo brakes and Supashock suspension system. Vehicle weight is set at 1800 kilograms.

They are a bit loopy but one can’t deny the marketing nous of this move. I suspect that with so much engineering similarity (especially in the gearing) and the handling compromises they bring to the table...racing could involve much paint swapping. Clever driving really will be the key to staying in front. Shame they won’t sound like fun...



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