This is how we’re gonna get radicalized: by Christians who did nothing, and Muslims who did something. /s


Understand this: I know it was just that one church. I’m certain others were willing and ready to take in inundated people, that they helped. They made a difference, and God bless them.

But I just sure hope other churches, other business realize that their god, which they believe in, will have them denied passage to heaven because of their actions. This also goes to their sympathizers, and others who just simply won’t ever help the ones who are in deep in floodwater.


I’m a Filipino. Floods like this are nothing new here in the Philippines—heck, at the back of my mind, I’m TopGear-laughing at the fact that for once you guys get to experience what we experience—and we’ve learned our lessons enough that we’ve been able to do the right thing before, during, and after a storm. OK, sure, I’ll give it to you that we’re no better as disaster preparedness than you lot, and believe me, we’ll forget about our own measures in 3 years time. But you guys have had Sandy, Katrina, Andrew. Those three storms could have crippled the Philippines.

Maybe the problem is that you’re the United States. You’re the most powerful country in the world. You’ve got an army, a National Guard, a police that’s enough to rule the world. You think you can take a hit. For us here, we can’t afford another Haiyan/Yolanda. We can’t afford a hyper-typhoon or two hitting our eastern seaboard because that will just fucking incapacitate us. You can. And you got complacent.


It doesn’t really help that other people are using this hurricane to further their agendas. We have that too here in The Philippines, but at least we just focus on getting everything back up first. Hell, even TV stations here have foundations that help out immediately after typhoons. They harp about their help everytime they do, but at least they do something to help the affected citizens.

I guess... I guess it might just take something past Haiyan hitting NYC or NOLA or Florida or the Caribbean before everyone wises up. I won’t wish such a hurricane on any country—I’ve seen what it did to Eastern Visayas and I can’t imagine what would happen had it gone up north to Metro Manila—but things need to change.

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