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18 hours, 45 min, 1200 miles. Welcome to the chrome ball run 1200

I’m so excited! I’m currently forcing my self to stay up late so I can sleep all day tomorrow for come 7pm I will be taking on the task of covering 1200 miles in one shot. Google tells me it will take 18 hours and 45 min to cover the distance from my home to the greater Orlando area. Where I will spend the next 10 days relaxing and exploring what Central florida has to offer. I’m calling this the Chromeball run 1200..

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My navigator will be Sarah. My girlfriend whom I reconnected with after 7 years apart and her adorable schnauzer Toby! We have no plans but a long list of ideas and plan to just enjoy our time and see where the road takes us!

I spend the day prepping the Buffalo. Changed oil, washed and cleaned the interior. Shes ready to roll and I’m a happy man.


Of any one has any killer central florida Ideas feel free to drop em below. The main things I’d like to do is hit tampa and see the Dali museum and aquarium. Check out some manatees, maybe pick some oranges, do a day in daytona, Kennedy space center and go to a range to shoot something full auto!!

This is my first big vacation since like 2009! I’m so excited!!

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