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18 Months Ago Someone Gave Me Posting Privileges

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And they accidentally banned Wiggles the Mime instead. My first post was about everything I love being expensive. When you read that post you’ll find that I haven’t changed, which is cherry! But let me not ramble on like Wiggles did. Why am I having an Oppo anniversary 6 months after the fact instead of on the “annual” part? Aha! Because I’m at the halfway point of a three year goal I set 18 months ago which happens to be the subject of the first thing I ever shared with you all. See, my weirdness is logical and slightly endearing!


*In truth it was a five year plan, but I was two years in by the time I could tell you all about it. Irregardless and evermind, that’s behind the point! 

Simply put, it has occurred to me that I never introduced myself to you all, nor have I ever let you lot ask me anything since I usually post and run. Obviously you’ve picked up a lot of information by now since I ask a lot questions, share too much information, get into trouble once or thrice, and write precisely the way I speak, think, and feel.


But maybe, just maybe two steps prior to unlikely, I’ve left you scratching your head and you just want a straight answer without a tangent. Maybe for me to recant on a secant for a change. Or you’re good as is. That’s neat. I’ll be around so you can ask me later too. It’s all gravy when the best parts are beneath the surface. That’s what they say anyways.

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