So we are moving from Tucson, AZ to Milwaukee, WI and the wifey has a ton of shit she doesn't trust the movers with that I get the honor of finding a way to pack into our fucking Toyota Matrix. I normally love car trips and driving in general, even on long boring stretches of's kind of like meditation for me...I'll turn off the music and just drive and think for hours...but I generally like to be comfortable and you know not in a Matrix.

I then get the joy of driving this overloaded, can't see out of the back, can't move the seats back nor even recline them in the slightest, piece'o'crap 1800 miles from Tucson to Milwaukee. The car is small and cramped, the seats suck, there's no leg room, and it's not very fun to drive (especially with and extra 600lbs of stuff behind us). So by about 1000 miles into the trip my back hurts, my legs are sore, and I just want to be the last 800 miles are so scenic through fucking Nebraska. If I could wipe Nebraska off the map and have Colorado but up against Iowa, I would, and road trips to the Rockies would be a piece of cake and awesome, but noooo...we have to drive through Nebraska which seems to take like 16 fucking hours (sorry Huskers, but your state is really freaking boring to drive through and is way too freaking long).

So enough of my rant...but next time I take a road trip across the country it will be in a large diesel crew or extended cab pickup (screw you they are the best road trip vehicle period) or some luxo-sports sedan (BMW M5 FTW...I wish)

Here's an M5 destroying its tires for having wasted your time