So a ways back at the beginning of June, I returned from a long trip to find that every light dealing with brakes in any way was on when I started the Accord. I took the car to the nearby Goodyear to get it diagnosed.

They did it for free, but said I needed to take the car to Honda. $150 later, and I knew that the ABS/Traction Control Module was bad.

Being the nice helpful dealership that they are, my local Honda quoted me a price of $1800 to replace the Module.

Fuck that.

Instead I took a couple of weeks to shop ebay and picked up a module for $110 (including shipping) from a salvage yard on the mainland. Add in the $119 Code reader to clear the ABS codes that I read wouldn’t clear when the system performs the checks, and a large canister of brake fluid ($10) brought my total up to just about $400.


Oh, I almost forgot about the cost of the paper clip and the rags for cleaning up (hey, Honda charged me for them, so (evidently) I should expense those out when I do the work myself).

It probably took me 30 minutes to swap out the ABS Module. Bleeding the lines took quite a while as I had to push the air from the Module all the way out through the calipers. So I just flushed the system since it was most of the job anyway.


I kept checking codes as I was doing it. 81-1. cleared. 61-1 appeared. cleared. 51-1 appeared. cleared.

Finally, I was left with just ‘!’. This is where the paper clip came in. I had to jump pin 4 and 9 then hit the traction control button at the right times.


That last light went off, and I saved $1400. Which is good, cuz my Accord isn’t worth spending $1800 on repairs.

Now let’s hope it doesn’t throw any new codes tomorrow.