Well, the last three days have involved two huge idiots during my travels! One this afternoon, and one two days ago....both on my 40-minute drives home from work.

Offense the First: I see a garbage truck up ahead picking up garbage, so prepare to slow down and pass it on the left...look ahead, plenty of space for the car in front of me and I to both get past before any oncoming cars are anywhere near us. I signal left to change to the oncoming lane and prepare to pass the garbage truck behind the car I am catching up to just as it pulls out to pass....and then THIS happens!

SERIOUSLY? You just stopped in an 80kph zone in THE ONCOMING LANE with 3 cars behind you and one oncoming to talk to the garbage man? What the hell!? Pull over and talk to him! 0_o

Offense the Second: This happened on the way home from work this afternoon. Note the massive yellow ‘DIVIDED HIGHWAY ENDS” sign on the right, the sign on the left denoting the road becomes two-way, and the dotted white passing line becoming a SOLID NO-PASSING LINE.


Seriously???? What the hell man! The red Mustang convertible actually passed TWO cars, the car behind me, and myself...both AFTER the solid white line DISAPPEARED. We both had to brake relatively hard to slow down so he could get past without us getting pushed onto the shoulder. I honked as I was understandably upset...

Some people are morons!