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2001 Jensen S-V8.

The only product to come from a 10 billion pound investment into reviving the Jensen nameplate, famous for producing the fabulous Interceptor from the 1970s. 20 cars were completed in their original intended factory, before Jensen went bust and the final 18 uncompleted cars were sent to an outside company, where 12 were built and the final 6 were kept for spare parts. So, in total, there’s 32 in existence in the world.


The car was powered by the 4.6L Ford V8 made famous in the Mustangs of the time, good for 325 horsepower and mated to a manual transmission. It would propel itself to 60 in under 5 seconds and was good for 160 mph. Styling was quirky, but I’d say it’s endearing.


A coupe version called the C-V8 was planned but never put into production due to the issues with production, save for one prototype which went up for sale in 2011. It’s a shame this never panned out because like TVR, Jensen is one of my favorite quirky British brands that are overlooked by many mainstream enthusiasts. I’d love to see a modern Interceptor come around, and it looks like we may have had something similar with this strange roadster.

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