Am I alone? I used to enjoy the Gawker blogs, from Deadspin to Gizmodo to Jalopnik to Jezebel.

Daulerio did some shitty things, but he did so with the consent and encouragement of his employer. I think Denton is the shitty one, and from what I have read, he hung Daulerio out to dry. Daulerio’s career and finances are ruined, and he paid the price more than anyone else in the parade of assholes in the Gawker lawsuit.


But in all honestly, the blogs have suffered. I am mostly limited to Jalopnik and Oppo now. The rest of it has lost its funny, snarky, not taking itself too seriously feeling, and has become a left wing echo chamber.

Even a writer like Magary on Deadspin has fallen into a weird one-upsmanship of who can invent the best insulting description for Trump. I am not a Trump fan (voted for Gary Johnson), but it is getting really boring.

I find myself reading Jalopnik, spending time on Oppo, and clicking less frequently on the rest. Am I alone?

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