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Tool Advice

I need a better strap wrench. I bought one of these several years ago and while it works, it’s a struggle every time.

The ribbed strap is too slippery on things like oil filters and fuel filters, which so far has been the only application of this thing. I’d also benefit from one with a slightly smaller handle, but then again the biggest need is to take off the fuel filter on my boat, which is notoriously difficult; a 12" handle is nice for the leverage.


The problem I have is, there are too many different designs to choose from - take a quick google or amazon search and see what I mean. I am willing to spend good money for good tools that will last, and work, for a long time.

Fabric ones I’ve used in the past were too slippery. Cheap rubber-strapped ones tend to break. Metal ones only work for a small range of sizes unless I buy a whole set. I have a few dedicated oil filter tools for those that accept them, but I have way too many different ones not to have one of these in my toolbox. AND the boat’s fuel filter doesn’t accept any sort of tool.

So what should I buy?

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