Helped with some wrenching: It’s always enjoyable on a lovely fall day and some beautiful old Land Cruisers. Until...



Yeah. It was bad. The poor thing was barely running- stuttering and sputtering, inconsistent idle and poor/rough acceleration. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, engine oil and filter, air filter, belts, a carb tune, and timing adjustment brought loads of life back to a friend’s 1984 FJ60.

Late in the morning, the FJ60's owner took a call. He came back shortly to continue with the wrenching, and explained that his friend just called about a VW Phaeton W12 that he was about to drive for a review. Hmm, that’s kind of niche, I thought. “Yeah, I feel like you’d like Doug’s stuff.”


“Yeah, Doug Demuro. Do you know him?”


“Yeah, He’s one of my really good friends. We went to high school together, I was at his wedding a few months ago.”


Holy shit son. Small, small world.

But fuck, those spark plugs were bad.

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