It’s been awhile. I don’t even know who most of you jerks are anymore.

But, I have a new Subaru in my life. So that warrants a post. Say hello to my salvage auction, clean titled, 2007 Outback.


It was supposed to only have front end damage, but, during unloading, one guy was hooking up a jump box and told the other guy to get in and put it in neutral to let it finish rolling off the truck. Well, guy number 2 leans in the door and puts it in neutral, doesn’t get fully in to be able to use the brake, with this being the result. The delivery guy said he’d take care of it, just let him know what it needs. The fender looks salvageable, but the door isn’t.

(Side note: you know you’ve probably spent too much time taking Subarus apart when it only takes a little over an hour to get to this point)


It needs about $1100ish in parts (not counting the door) and I’m probably just going to buy a full JDM front end conversion from Canada. Comes with everything I need, so it’ll be easy.