Yes, I know you are. Allow me to explain.

You see, I was actually all snug in my bed, but I was having a nightmare. The details will not be given here, as they weren’t that interesting anyways, but the synopsis is that I was fighting my way out of an area full of really ugly (but tough) Russian gangster junkies while driving an extremely slow golf cart when I was awoken by a stuffy nose. I got up to get nose spray to alleviate the issue (and to pee) when suddenly my dog - a half Chihuahua, half Pomeranian rescue dog, sweet as can be - suddenly ran up to me in my living room. This usually means that she is demanding my attention. If she does not get said attention, she pees on the bathroom floor. The dog is sweet, but slightly vindictive in a passive-aggressive way as well.

So I grab my iPad, throw on some track pants and a workout long sleeve thing I got from Invesco (both Adidas brand, btw), and walked outside with her so she’ll take a piss on the grass instead of my tile.

While I’m out here, I open Oppo to see that it’s almost time to invoke the Hour Rule, so I wrote this stupid (but true!) story for you to read. Or not read, whatever. I’m now going back to bed.


Have a Plum Crazy car to go with my plum crazy story.