Gonna take two wings to contain the extra 9 hp the HX makes over the lower CX, DX, VP, and LX trims. As an interesting aside, the Prius C in front of it has a combined 99 HP from the hybrid system to move 2,400 lb. while the Civic HX when new had 115 hp to push around 2,500 lb. Despite being up on power compared to the lower trims (but 12 hp shy of the higher-reving motor in the EX), the HX was the fuel-economy minded model and was available with a CVT. Over a decade apart, but the approach to efficiency is similar - around 2,500 lb, 100 hp, and a CVT. Interestingly enough the HX could also be had with a 5-speed manual that was rated 2 MPG higher than the CVT. The hybrid system plus advances in aero mean that the Prius C does better still by 10 MPG combined. I’d still rather have the Civic. Even with the silly wing and fart can.