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Innovation And Compromises All In One

The Talon has been getting the work done, and it’s been put down going on the second week for fuel system upgrades. I had to wait for the adjustable fuel pressure regulator to arrive, and some other snags have drug things out.

Snags Suck

That’s not gonna work folks.

This beautiful tubular 02 housing with wastegate dump has caused issues. The issues aren’t because of the product itself, rather 02 sensor placement in the downpipe. The bung for the sensor was welded exactly where the dump tube wants to sit. This 02 sensor is for my Innovate LC-2 wideband and also what DSMlink gets the primary reading from. Shooting flames onto that wouldn’t be fun.

So, we had to take the cut off wheel and modify it. This wasn’t pleasant, but what are you going to do when you hit a snag? You gotta improvise a little and make it work. So we did, and we thought the issues were over. They weren’t. The 02 housing has two studs to mount the downpipe. Then nuts that went to the OEM 02 housing won’t work as they’re a different thread pitch. So that put me dead in the water immediately. Luckily, that will be getting resolved this week.

You will immediately noticed how obnoxiously long the AN line from the regulator to the fuel rail is. Cutting these lines isn’t very easy, especially when you’re an idiot like myself and don’t possess a pair of side cuts that are worth a damn. So for now, we’re sending it as is and will modify it later.


Other issue I need to figure out is the wastegate actuator mounting, mainly that it’s going to be sketchy. We had to adjust the wastegate rod to put preload on it and now the eyelet is on an angle, and we will have to get very creative in securing that one. It’ll get ironed out.

If you’ve ever owned a high boost DSM, you’ve definitely ejected your dipstick and sprayed oil all over the manifold. This has happened about a hundred times. I got innovative, and fixed that dead cold with nothing more than a little creativity and not giving a shit about appearance. This is purely functional.


A small fuel injection hose clamp secures a wire I elected to use to secure the dipstick, simply undo the wire to check the oil. Otherwise, it’s mounted securely and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


This is an old school DSM trick taken a step further. My car hasn’t had a coolant overflow bottle since I’ve owned it. My buddy Casey downed an NOS energy drink and I got inspired. I drilled a hole through the cap, and the coolant line through it snugly, and screwed the cap back on. Space is at a premium with my huge chargepipes so it JUST fits and sits securely. Call it ghetto, I call it functional and smart.


Also really trick is this fuel feed kit from Extreme PSI. The factory fuel filter uses a very restrictive banjo bolt, and this kit includes an AN fitting for the fuel filter and a rail adapter. So now I’ve got a -6AN feed and return going on. All while retaining the OEM filter and making things super simple.


Almost There

My good buddy Andrew (I wrote the article on his 1G Talon budget build) is rounding up the hardware to mount the exhaust and other little odds and ends I’m going to need. I’ve decided against going speed density and instead traded that setup and we will be wiring in an Evolution 8 MAF, which is a super proven and simple way out. We still need to rewire the fuel pump and throw a new tune on it. Otherwise, my FIC 950 injectors are in the rail and all of my lines are done and the regulator is now plumbed.


By the weekend I should have it back up and stronger than ever. Weather depending, I will get to shake it down and take some video footage. I’m hoping to have my bumper exit exhaust at the house by then and if it is, it’ll be getting installed and ready to rock and roll. All of this costs less than 500$ total and will inevitably make the car an entirely different animal. Some things are definitely “creative” for sure on my build, but 95% of it is done at a very professional level with top quality parts. The creativity is what makes it fun, and gives it character.

Stay tuned!

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