How to winch Larger Vehicle with Mini-Mighty-Machine?


Dear Oppo Off-Road Operators, As many of you have probably guessed, I run a Suzuki Samurai off road:

Afore Mentioned Mini-Mighty-Machine

This week, I will be embarking on an adventure with some friends of mine in the back country (yay exciting!). while I will surely upload some video and a write up after the adventure is over, I was hoping to get some pre-run advice from the community.

My friends all have larger rigs than mine (obvious since most motorcycles outweigh Samis). Unfortunately, not a one of their rigs has a winch. Luckily (potentially for them), I have equipped my Sami with a 9500 lb winch. Now for the Suzuki this is more than enough (likely enough, that I could hang the Samurai in a tree should the need arise, or if their are any bears and we camp overnight), and while I have tested it on trail, I have never really needed. Unluckily, we expect conditions to be a mix of mud, ice, snow, and hidden (thinly iced over) mud/water holes. I think it is likely that some of them may get stuck and necessitate RECOVERY! (cue awesome offroad music):

Nothing Like a MONTAGE! Check out the Sami pull at about 1:49!

So here’s the question, when rigging to pull a much heavier vehicle out with a lighter vehicle, what tips and tricks do you have? I have done a little bit in the past, and when I have I have usually anchored the samurai to a tree using my winch receiver D ring. Once I actually saw the Samurai almost go in the air from the tension, so Im hoping their is a better trick for this? do snatch blocks help? I have 2. Physics nerds? I heard that you can do a weird thing with putting 3 way tension on a line...

I surprisingly couldn’t find a lot online. most winching advice has to do with pulling yourself out, which while I haven’t had to do much of, I feel fairly comfortable with.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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