Had a whole ton of crap to do, and the game’s started so I’ll be brief.

Titans-Chiefs: started boring, ended awesomely. I feel a little bad for the Chiefs, losing a bunch of playoff games at home in a row. But they are a division rival of my team, so it’s only a little.


Falcons-Rams: fell asleep halfway through, but when I saw the score I wasn’t surprised. The Rams just seemed flat.

Bills-Jags: this is the game I wanted to see. I’ll be pulling for whoever wins this one, but I kinda want it to be the Bills so that my dream of a Bills-Vikings Super Bowl stays alive.


Panthers-Saints: every time I try to pick who wins between these two, the opposite happens. For what it’s worth, my feeling is the Saints should win, so.... Panthers? I don’t know.

Who are you pulling for?

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