I Know I Could...

I know I could puff my lower lip out and pout a little and my wife would say “go for it.”

But the price is about 30% below the average ask for a similar car. The photos appear to be legit, but at least 4 months old. Map places the car in Mint Hill, NC. Pictures appear to have been taken in the parking lot of the Dollar General in Mint Hill:


Phone number is a New Jersey area code, but that doesn’t mean much anymore.

The price and “just the bare minimum,” info in the ad makes me really wary. Also, the paint on the passenger rear quarter makes me think the car’s been crashed in the past - note it’s considerably duller than the rest - especially for a car that appears to have been well-cleaned for sale.

If it’s been hit lightly in the rear passenger quarter and fixed properly (including suspension mounting, etc) then nice price.


A t-top, cloth-interior 97 Firebird with an automatic and the 2.73 gears (no 1 on gear selector) is probably the least desirable V8 3rd-gen F-body, and could be easily spanked in a drag race by a v6 Camry. But the exterior color is nice and my wife would probably hate it. I could give my sister the Cherokee that she gave us when she was so sick of putting money into it.


Did more research - It’s a small-time car dealer out that way. I might have to go look...

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