Ok, not car related, but definitely “playing with power tools and exotic materials”, which is still fairly oppo. I’ve been married for 20 years now, and somehow along the way lost the body of a 20somthing and ended up with the somewhat expanded body of s 40something. As a result of this, my wedding ring doesn’t fit, and hasn’t for some time. I could get it sized, but honestly, its a thin, plain, 10k band, and besides the fact that it was the ring used at my wedding, holds no real sentimental value to me.

So, a few months ago I started looking around online for a replacement. I wanted something cool, but not super flashy. Something distinctive, and not the same old gold band. I found a wide variety of options. Tungsten, cobalt, carbon fiber, titanium, wood, you name it. Then, I came across a ring that caught my attention on a number of different levels. It looked unique, and was definitely exotic.


It was a ring machined out of a chunk of superconductor. Made from 99.99% pure copper and titanium-niobium alloy, it ticked ALL the right boxes for me. Unfortunately, it was also $800. Not outrageous for a men’s wedding ring, but still, more than I wanted to spend. So, I though, I wonder if I could make myself one. I have a lathe, let’s see how it goes.

Well, after some trial and error, I have what I think is my replacement band. As a bonus, my wife even likes it enough that she wants me to make her a matching one. Jewelry making is definitely way outside of my wheelhouse, but I’m pretty happy with the results, and it’s one heck of a conversation piece. I just finished it last night, and have had 2 people ask about it today.


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