Could this HiPer Strut thing work on any live axle setup ever? I have some kinda serious engineering questions, and I didn’t know who else to ask. Even if I did, I trust you guys’ judgment!

I’m looking into making an 80s El Camino into a serious 4x4,but I’m having trouble with the research end of it.


First of all, the front suspension is labeled as I.W.CS.ARB. and the rear suspension is labeled LA.LowTrailRA.CS.ARB., and I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS SHIT MEANS! i actually looked up some Greek, and it made more sense to me than any of that!

So I said ‘okay, Easy mode K5 frame swap’ because Ive seen somebody do it to a Firebird-Ooh, let me link it!

But THEN I went and checked some stuff online specifically about El Camino 4x4s, but of course people don’t tell you everything. Still, I learned enough to dream, and I’m thinking a Dana 60 with TTB Suspension in the front-but with a different wheel linkage, similar to the HiPer Strut Suspension posted above, so that camber could be adjusted easily and held during wheel travel.


So I looked all of THAT up and I found...

... Nothing. No info on twin-torsion beam setups outside of crazy prerunner builds, and those guys are so hung up on simplicity I don’t even think they worry about having the same exact camber problems as a pre-Nader Corvair.


So would it be possible to graft a crude, but working and stout version of the HiPer Strut suspension on a Twin Torsion Beam suspension together, and if so does this count as acopyright? I also have some great ideas for the rear suspension, but first things first.

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