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[Find Me a Car] I dont need a car, I want one .... as a Toy

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Long story short, my life has taken a turn where I no longer need a car. I live in the same city I work in (not 6 hours away), I live in the downtown core and have zero need for a car.


That being said, I’ve been getting into karting and now want to expand on that hobby and also look into auto cross/track days/curvy road driving.

My budget is currently up to $14,000 Canadian. I can likely swing up to four times that but I have zero need for this car so it’s 100% a glorified toy. I don’t really want to spend more than $14k as it’s low enough that when I sell it in a year or four, it won’t lose much value and wasn’t a stupid financial decision for a toy.


Things I will do with the car:

  • Track it
  • Drag strip
  • AutoX
  • Road trips
  • Drive out to do my hobbies (cycling/go karting)
  • Groceries once a week?
  • Only drive it on weekends lol

Things the car needs to be able to do

  • Fit myself and 1 passenger (I am 6ft 3 and want to fit with a helmet comfortably)
  • Be fun as hell to drive whether it’s a highway or a track (think Corvette
  • Be reliable enough to consistently take a beating on the track
  • Not cost a fortune to keep running
  • Low depreciation curve in the future
  • Either fit a bicycle/other stuff on top or inside the car (I’m thinking sea sucker)

Cars currently considering:

  • BMW 128i (seems a bit weak/not the greatest driving experience)
  • Fiesta ST

So, what are your suggestions oppo?

TLDR; I don’t need a car, want one, don’t want to spend a fortune. Uses are track/road trips (for driving pleasure)/curvy roads and sometimes groceries. I am 6ft 3.5 and want to be able to fit with a helmet comfortably.

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