Insured for the Summer (updated/longer)

The truck has plates again, since posting back in November about driving it again, it has only had insurance for days at a time. This will be the longest period of driving it since our wedding in 2013.


Last night, my wife went to work at the police station in the next city over. I secretly insured the truck and brought it to our townhome. I wasn’t sure how she’d react finding it in the driveway (it takes up the whole driveway/carport). Luckily, she wasn’t upset (we didn’t really discuss insuring it) so once she changed, we went for ice cream and then a drive.

My goals for the truck (heavily dependant on cash) are to change out the tires as they are well past 10 years old, do some minor maintenance and change out the stereo system to something from Retrosound. The radio in there right now was the best that 16 year old COFL could afford and no longer works that well.

I also plan on taking it to the Vintage Truck Museum’s show n shine on July 7th if any Vancouver/PNW Oppo’s want to come along for the day.


Other than that, I just plan on lots of drives, winery trips, distillery visits and taking our bikes places. Fingers crossed for a mechanically sound and safe summer.

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