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This should be a fun weekend

I got up early to clean the Sunchaser and get ready for Radwood. It is nice to see almost everybody home and operable.

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Toby and I will be leaving before noon in the Sunchaser, taking what should be about a 3 hour drive to South San Francisco. It should be a nice drive. I will cut across Highway 132 through farm country and along the Stanislaus River, and will make my way across the San Mateo bridge, which is a very underrated bridge IMHO.

My family will be meeting up with me tonight about 8:00, after my older son finishes band practice. He is the percussion section leader and he and the drum tech have them working all summer.


So Toby and I will be hanging out, getting settled at the hotel and scouting the area. There are undoubtedly smells that need to be snuffled, local foliage that needs to be marked, and hotel beds that need to be tested for cuddle-worthiness.

Then Sunday is Radwood! I am excited and am looking forward to the event. 

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