Need More British

I want to turn my stupid Aprilia well the money from selling it, Seriously guys, someone please buy it!, into an off roader. And being British and constantly making “poor” vehicle choices I have decided I need a P38 Rang Rover for my Overland rig. I have loved this body style since they came out when I was a kid. Which is probably why i am smitten by them. They have just enough classic Land Rover look with modern 90's equipment (more than enough for me).

That factory nav is beautiful

Well I narrowed my search down to 2 candidates so I really need my bike to sell so I can go off roading.

My prefered choice for $2000


Seems to have been used off road before and I could do preventative head gaskets at this price

Second choice because nicer at least exterior wise, but $2500 doesn’t include the awesome rack.


Bonus: This would look stunning towing my Sprite around

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