Recommend me a bike OPPO.

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This weekend, after an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a title for my ‘82 XR200R, I decided it was time to sell off some of the toys/things that I hardly use, and invest that money into something I actually can use. I’m still debating between a bike and a quad, but I’m heavily leaning towards a bike.


This all really started coming about after I went out trail riding in the Black Hills of SD, where both the XR, and the 200x are fantastic machines, but are limited to where they can go due to not being plated. Besides that minor nuisance, everyone I ride with has plated quads and I felt bad being the guy we had to worry about and plan around simply because I didn’t have a plate.

The primary use would be for trails, fire roads, and local gravel roads, but I’d also like to do some frozen river riding/lake riding/possibly ice racing, so it’s gotta make some good power, but still be light weight.


It won’t be a daily or a freeway bike, but it would be fun to take it to work or into town occasionally which requires 10-20 miles of 55-65 mph roads, so it would be nice if it could comfortably manage that.

Selling my stuff should hopefully net me around $2k-$2500, so that’s my budget.

I’m leanings towards a 450 motocross style bike, but could maybe be talked into a 250 if enough people think it would have enough power. I was really hoping for a YZ450F, but after some research it sounds like those take some modifications to make decent trail bikes, so I’m open to other suggestions. Any standouts? Anything to avoid? I’m open to suggestions.

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