I really, really like Doug DeMuro

He’s one of us. He’s an everyman. He just likes cool cars because they’re cool. He knows all kinds of crazy car stuff because that’s the plight of the true enthusiast.

It was this video that got me. And I only just noticed he’s wearing a plain grey shirt with a Nissan S-Cargo on it. He’s such a legit car nerd.

Say what you will about quirks’n’features, about how he’s a not-quite celebrity or how his vids have questionable production values. He’s found something that works and lets him spend his time driving and talking about awesome cars, which I would quit my job for tomorrow if I could. He comes across as a nice, honest, smart dude and he’s killing it.


Compared to most of the assholes doing car stuff on Youtube, he’s got me.

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