We are having quite a bit of rain at the moment... started yesterday and continues today for up to 100mm, so I was unable to go onto my customary walks.

Instead, enjoy these 3 pictures I took at the end of the 2016 edition of BMW Car Club of BC’s Duffey Lake road trip, of a school bus converted to private use. In a short conversation with the driver, he revealed that as long as he:

  • removed enough seats to make sure that the vehicle can have no more than a usual minivan as passengers, and
  • removed all “school bus” specific equipment and signage, including covering up all SCHOOL BUS writings,

...he is able to register and drive the vehicle as a private family vehicle. Do keep in mind that he was from Washington State, so DOT regulations may differ... and honestly I personally have no idea what will entail if the same thing were to be done here in the Province of BC. Still, I saw an interesting piece of eccentric motoring on that day!


It did remind me of an episode of Canada’s Worst Driver, where a similar requirement to remove the SCHOOL BUS writing entailed them to just hide the S and the H... resulting in _C_OOL BUS!

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