Fiesta ST: out of warranty transmission replacement...

So, as some of you may remember my FieSTa finally started making the dreaded input-shaft-bearing whine now that its out of warranty... With 68K miles on it Ford has offered to pay 2/3rds of the cost of a tranmission replacement.

Not my picture, but that is what a FieSTa tranny looks like...

I’ve elected to take them up on the offer. They could have tried to be dicks and said “oh, sorry, its out of warranty, too bad for you” and although I would certainly have liked to get a FREE new transmission, this counts as a VERY cheap new transmission. Cheaper than I could get a used/rebuilt installed for. In fact, its gonna be about what an extentended warranty upgrade would have cost.


in any case... You takes yer licks and when I go to trade it in I can say it has a brand new transmission... :P

Its been a great little fun machine, and if I weren’t living out where mud season can swallow it whole, I‘d probably be happy to keep driving it until the new trans dies, or some other terrible thing goes wrong... But we need something that will handle the roads here better, and despite my best efforts, Mrs. BoostAddict still does not like to drive stick, meaning she takes the truck everywhere, as its our automatic vehicle... And that is expensive both for gas and wear and tear on a vehicle we need to be available for towing livestock around.

So once it gets the new trans in, we’ll be off to the Hyundai dealer to get it traded on a Kona Limited.

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