I’ve got my Dad’s Miata down here for a timing belt service/tune up/svending for the next week or two. The racecar gets some fellow red company in the garage. His 05 Miata has finally hit 61k, which is another way of saying his commute is 3 miles round-trip (and he only works 3 days per week/semi-retired) and their 2016 Mazda 6 is the car they drive on trips/weekends/run errands with. I’m not really sure why I’m doing this, as the shop labor isn’t meaningful to his budget, but he’s been bugging me to do it for most of the last year. After spending most of this week hanging out with the doggies and learning to drive all over again in F1 2018 via my new wheel for the PC, I decided this afternoon that it was time to get started on the Miata.

After five or six years of driving his former 95 R package (that had 50k on it when he finally sold in 2012ish), he was ready for a more comfortable Miata experience. He bought it from a customer of the Miata shop (owned by my mechanical mentor) with 30-something K on it in 2012ish. It had a tune up/clutch slave cylinder/shift boots replaced on it before he bought it, but otherwise it has needed nothing but an oil change once or twice a year and a couple of alignments since. It’s ready for a little attention.


Looks and nice and clean under the valve cover, which is what I would expect with having run conservative oil change intervals and synthetic oil for it’s entire life.

I stopped here when it was time to make dinner. I’ll get back at it tomorrow. Miata always remind me that if there is a timing belt job with better access, I don’t know what it is.

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