Yesterday evening I made a post about our rapidly approaching Necessary Car Shopping and wanted to make a size and capacity comparison with the Ford Transit. I found some side and rear profile .png’s of both vehicles and put them to scale in Canvas (GIS software) so I could visualize the size gain going from big minivan to small full-size van.

The Pacifica is already the largest minivan out there, but I didn’t realize how close it is to the smallest Transit:


While the whole thing is obviously longer, look how much further forward the driver’s position is in the Transit, and also how much more glass there is. That’s how you can fit a fourth row in, and still have cargo area.

From the back, you can see how much room you lose to the sloping sides of the Pacifica, and probably a bit more from the dual sliding doors:

From above, the Pacifica (in red) just can’t compete with even the shortest wheelbase 10-passenger Transit in the space department.


By the numbers, the Transit is obviously larger, heavier, and less efficient, but it’s hard to argue with the space gained (I should have put this in a table...):


The rumor mill says the refreshed 2020 Transit, due in September this year, will include the new 10-speed transmission, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, cross-path detection, a front camera, and revised dashboard. Details haven’t been officially announced, and we may hear something from the North American International Auto Show later this month, but the 2020 ordering guide will be available to dealers in May.

Thanks for reading!