I just got an email about an IT help ticket I put in May 24, 2017 asking if it is still a problem. That problem was that the only printer in my CAD lab wasn’t working. Do they actually think I haven’t been printing anything for over a year and a half?

The history of activity updates are kind of funny.

May 26, 2017: Network Guy A changed the assignee from Network Guy A to Complete Oxygen Waster Tech

June 14, 2017: Complete Oxygen Waster Tech changed assignee from Complete Oxygen Waster Tech to Network Guy B

October 11, 2017: Network Guy B changed state from awaiting input to on hold

Now today I get an email from somebody I never heard of. Hopefully whoever they hired can clean up that mess of a department. There are a few techs who are great, but the department as a whole is a nightmare to deal with.