A 2000 model-year Toyota Tacoma regular cab 4-cylinder 2WD automatic with 252,535 miles.

Yeah...something collided with the front bumper at one point.

The company pops and I work for has an old work truck that’s having battery drain problems (among other small maintenance issues like dead shocks and REALLY FUCKING NEEDING A WASH INSIDE AND OUT) and it’s going up for sale soon. Assuming I can score this truck for under $2,000, what is there to know about this truck? I’m going to bid $1,800 on it and hope I’m not outbid. Is it higher than KBB for a fair-condition Tacoma of its age and miles, maybe, but I’m willing to pay slightly more because of nostalgic reasons.

Rare, not-rusted original Tacoma frame.

I’m aware of the frame recall for this generation but considering this truck has lived its whole life in low-lands South Carolina where it snows maybe once every few years, and it’s never driven on the road in those events, the frame is remarkably intact and rust-free. Also, I think it’s too late to get the frame recalled since it’s been over 15 years since it’s original purchase.


I’m unsure of it’s life before I joined the company 3 years ago, but since I’ve been here it’s done nothing but shuttle the guard dogs from their pens to the main property at night. It was probably a parts-runner years ago judging by the beating the bed has taken. The interior is nasty but salvageable/replaceable.


My initial goals if I buy this Tacoma is to have it start out as a simple, humble, reliable, economic pickup truck. My future goals is to convert this in a RWD pre-Runner-style pickup truck that can tackle Sand Blast Rally stages. So I’ll either rock the stock 2.4L or swap to a strong V6, couple it up to a manual transmission, give it a factory tachometer, raise it slightly (probably using OEM 4x4 springs), put a locking rear differential in it, give it more off-road-oriented tires, and a roll bar hoop in the bed with KC lights.


...I could buy a better Tacoma to start with but I want to badly modify my company’s truck because I will refuse to remove our company’s old logo from the doors.

Here are some other pictures:

Locking gas cap is neat and appreciated!


Odometer still works! No tach which is disappointing but I’ll find a way to swap clusters!


708,129th Tacoma built and it was assembled in Fremont, CA.

How bad of a purchase is this for $1,800?