My history lesson today comes from my now favouritest Flickr page which has a veritable cornucopia of little treasures.

To begin though, a little background. For much of the last century Ford’s European operations were based in Britain and Germany. Each of these operated as its own semi independent fiefdom with different models for the same market segment. Ford of Britain sold in the UK and its present and former colonies while Ford-Werke aimed at central Europe. This had the interesting and unintended consequence that Ford ended up supplying each side with military hardware during WW2.

If we move quickly on from this rapidly forgotten (especially by Ford) awkwardness we arrive at the late 1950s. Ford of Britain had the MkII Consul

Ford-Werke had the P2 Taunus


Because the two Fords kept to their respective areas you weren’t going to get a Taunus in the UK.

Except you could.

Against all reason and logic a UK importer brought in a presumably very small number of Taunuses and our friends at Motor magazine tested one in 1959. They were reasonably impressed, commenting on how it could pull in top (third) gear from 10 mph and had a fancy Golde steel sunroof as fitted to many Fords for decades after. It was also quite a lot more economical than the little MG 1300 I found yesterday.