New Addition, Things Get Complicated (update at bottom)

Found this little beauty last week:


It’s a 92 Caravan, 3.0 3-speed, 69k miles.

Has a broken rear spring, otherwise everything works and it looks to be in good shape. Checked it out on Sunday, owner said he’d cut me a deal if I left the brand new trailer hitch with him.


Ended up picking it up last night. $225. It does need a new rear axle, but a local yard has one, so I’ll be getting one this week.

Otherwise it’s in great shape, only 2 small spots of rust, clean inside, clean under hood, clean underneath.


Got a couple quick pics last night after clearing snow. It was getting dark so they didn’t turn out great.

You can get the gist of it, clean overall, one small rust bubble on the slider (where they all rust), back wheel tipped in from the broken axle.


Replacement axle is getting pulled next week, so hopefully next weekend I can go get everything in and get her on the road!

Things Get Complicated

So a good friend messages me yesterday about a clean 1st gen sitting in a nearby shop’s holding area. I happened to be in that area last night, so I stopped to look (because how could I resist). Turns out the van is spotless, ZERO rust, ZERO peel, wood panel, NEW inside. The issue, blown motor. Just so happens to be a 3.0, like the one I just picked up. The van looks just like this:


The shop was going to get a hold of the owner and see if she wanted to sell it as they know she couldn’t afford to replace the engine, so I’m waiting to hear on it. If I can get it cheap I’ll probably snag it up, then dump the new van’s motor/trans in it. It’ll save me a lot of work and it’ll get me a 1st gen van!

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