Had to drive the M3 to work today

You might be thinking to yourself that my title is sarcastic, sadly it isn’t. Despite the tone of my post yesterday, I was actually having a pretty good day. That was until the drive after work.


When I started my 3 it was running very rough and when I pulled out of my spot I was not being powered by a silky smooth inline 6, nope, my car decided to engage Volvo mode and run on 5 cylinders. So instead of meeting my friends at the brewery, I headed to BMW. I’m 99% sure it’s a coil; as that’s been the issue the last two times my car has had the CEL on. Not too complex of a job, but I don’t really have a place to work on my car, let alone the tools, and that’s why I make money, so I can pay someone else to work on it.

Up until today, my 3 had been problem free for almost a year. As a result, I almost lost the urge to unnecessarily shop for cars; however, now that this happened, I might have to start browsing again.


Yes, I know my M3 has a V8. I have a 328i I DD, that has an I6. Some reading comprehension goes a long way.


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