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I found a new way to get home from work and it is awesome

One of the worst parts of my job is the commute home. It isn’t far and it doesn’t take very long, but depending on when I leave there are a few nasty problems. (Sorry, boring personal post. Have a pupper.)


The nearest on-ramp comes in at the same point a major highway splits from the one I am getting on. Take my word for it, this thing is a terrible merge. At least 1-2 accidents per day and I’ve personally had several near misses.

Then there is construction on the highway at my exit, which has traffic down to one lane and people acting erratically there too.

Then the next intersection gets backed up 2-3 light cycles, which are loooooong, because the light is super short and people are too busy looking at their phones to drive. Also it is a double left, which only about 20% of people passing through the intersection seem to realize, which causes problems.

THEN there is an unprotected left onto a major street where people routinely change lanes right where I’d be entering traffic and the right turners block visibility.


Yes, writing that made me angry.

So I say all that to say when the Civic was having issues, I looked into surface street options. I’ve looked into it before, but I’d previously not found a good way to get between the highways without getting snared in traffic. Lo and behold, Google had a route for me!


I haven’t set a good benchmark time, but it seems to add about 5 min to the commute, but I’m so much happier when I get home. I’ve taken this way home every day for the last week and I am super pleased with it. Less danger, less frustration, less construction, less traffic.


Downside is it passes approximately 1.2 million schools/ school zones. Serious I don’t know the exact number, but it is at least six. Luckily by the time I’m leaving work this is no longer an issue, at least at the moment.

Still, worth it.

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