(Warning: Shitpost) He has gone through a lot of milestones over the last 16 weeks, but I feel like this is a big one. He is going with us on an international trip to Mexico just before his first birthday (to the usual spot his familia de la madre does annually), so he’ll get to ride in one of these death traps...

This is a pulmonía statue...

He therefore needs his first photo ID, which is also his first Federal ID. That was an experience - filling out yet more paperwork for him and then swearing in front of some acceptance guy that the contents of the application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. He’ll fly before he’s old enough to really realize it, travel internationally before he’s old enough to remember it, etc. A little mind boggling, but I guess most of my siblings did similar (I was the one born when they were super poor), just without passports because it wasn’t a thing back then for trips into Canada and Mexico.


Here’s the headshot I took for his passport, which really reminds me of the insane amount he’s changed/developed since he was born:

Their requirements are slightly more lax for babies and small children, so I did it myself with my ancient SLR. The sunlight helped tremendously with the color in this one. I’m sure he’ll be glad that the US Dept of State only allows this to be used for 5 years, as this would probably be kind of embarrassing for a 10 year old... I’m sure it’ll still be a little entertaining when he’s 5...

I wonder if it’ll arrive in time for the spring cruise, not that I think anyone else would want to deal with frequent feeding and diaper change stops (still up in the air whether I’ll be able to go)... I’m sure he’d love the curves when not asleep and he was really into the nature walk we did today, touching plants as I told him what they were, so the gondola trip would probably be really interesting for him.

This was the original attempt, but they couldn’t print it because their system needed to crop it. I had shot the picture too close and cropped it even closer. Apparently the Dept of State crops the picture more for the passport as I goofed that up by looking at my own. The color is also messed up because it’s sunlight through a window and under a really cool LED bulb in some random fixture, resulting in this oddball greenish/yellowish tint, in spite of correcting the white balance using the background.


Sorry for the shitpost. It’s kind of like a doggopost, I guess.