Having a couple of issues on the LS400 relating to the computer. Specifically, the c-best/dealer settings that are set using a Techstream. Somebody in the past has seen fit to take their car to a Lexus dealership and disable the trunk remote release (so I have to flip the switch under the dash to open the trunk), as well as disable the lights flashing when the car is locked so there’s no visual feedback whatsoever when I lock the car. Great, because the beep when it locks is quiet as fuck. These cars also have an auto tilt-away steering column that telescopes and tilts whenever you stick the key in. Grand, but after 230k miles those motors are intermittent and my column frequently requires multiple tries to get back into a drivable position from “all the way up and retracted”. Fortunately with the use of a Techstream any dealer can change these settings in a few minutes to disable the auto-tiltaway functionality and restore the other settings to factory defaults! Yay!

Not yay. The local Lexus dealership told me to kick rocks and the local Toyota dealership isn’t a place I want to give money or let them touch my car. Went to a well-recommended indie mechanic and his Techstream refuses to acknowledge the presence of c-best settings on my car, the running theory being that Toyota deliberately broke backwards compatibility in Techstream at some point.

fucking GRAND

To continue with annoyances. My head unit backlight is broken, the volume randomly adjusts itself, and I have no way to play other music with reasonable quality through it other than burning CDs because cassette adapters sound like utter dogshit. I have a Pioneer head unit kicking around from the NB, it’ll do great! Buy the install kit... oh. The fucking head unit uses a goddamn mother fucking CANBUS to communicate with the factory amp. This means I get to bypass the amp, hook up the regular 4 channels directly to the head unit by running a bunch of wires, then run some RCAs down under the passenger seat and buy a fucking ~50w amp to run the factory subwoofer.


What makes this worse is I took apart the center console using the Crutchfield instructions I was given so I could take a look at how the factory stereo was set up and test fit my double DIN.

Here is what the instructinos say to do to remove the vent. Looks like they stick a pry tool in about an inch or so and pry it out.

Wanna know what happens when you do that?

You apply a tiny bit of force and your fucking vent explodes because that isn’t how you fucking remove the vents.


You’re supposed to stick a flatblade screwdriver in the INSIDE of the vent and push back on this retention clip.


Wanna know how much a new vent costs?

$150 on ebay at the fucking cheapest.

So after bitching on Facebook briefly I get a FB message that someone has a vent from a car they’re parting out and they’ll send it to me for $40. Great! Here’s my paypal. Shoot me an invoice. Got it in the mail today and it’s a motherfucking pre-facelift part and won’t even remotely fit my car.


Meanwhile I have this NASTY shudder on the highway anywhere between 50-100mph that feels like all four wheels are out of balance, but it’s not a constant vibration. It comes and goes. Hopefully this Saturday I can get with a guy and borrow his work’s roadforce balancer and see if my tires are out of balance. Almost certainly need a ball joint or tie rod end... can’t want to see how much of an expensive pain in the ass that’s going to be for no fucking reason.