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My Current Garage

My father is a quiet man that mostly keeps to himself. He and I didn’t have many heart-to-hearts growing up, but when the time came to talk, he always gave me these words, “Be good and put your mother back on the phone.” Mmph! Deep stuff that you can really use to thread the gravy. Here is a quick reminder of my current garage.

The most recent car is a 2012 Jaguar XF which was purchased in Feb of 2016. I got the 2012 model year because it was the only time you could get the facelift paired with the NA 5.0L AJ-V8. It’s an interesting base model car, makes 385 hp / 380 lb-ft and returns 20-22 mpg without any highway time.


The XF has grown on me a lot. I liked it fine from the start but it’s becoming effortless to keep and a true joy to drive.

This 2012 Grand Cherokee Laredo X has been with me since Sept of 2015. Payload is 1,720 lbs and I did push the limit on that one without any issues back when my work called for it. The max towing is 7,400 lbs because this is a 2WD model with the 5.7L. When I was doing 45,000 miles a year, that 2WD setup was important because it allowed me to maximize my tire life (got 90,000 miles out of the Michelin Defender LTX M/S) as well as cut my upkeep costs.

This has been an astoundingly cheap vehicle to run. It’s been less than half the upkeep cost of the Kia Rio it replaced and I’m convinced that I will always have a midsize utility as my default daily or if I ever go back to single car ownership.


This 2006 Kia Amanti was the first car I ever purchased back in Oct of 2013. Love me some Kia and this silly thing is so well built and rides so well (yes, on those wheels) that modern luxury sedans are ruined for me. I frequently get into the back seat of the Amanti and just hang out and enjoy the quiet. In fact, I’ll go out to the car and read a book then go for a drive afterwards!


This is the car that makes me the happiest out of the three. I’m always surprised and impressed by it from the moment I open the door, all the way until I finally decide to get out of the car long after I have parked and cut it off.




I’m a gigantic Maserati fan and I should be right in time for a 2013+ GT ‘Vert if my price tracking is spot on. It won’t be before May 2020 until I make any kind of move though since the WK2 needs to be paid off this year and then I have a No Large Purchases Rule ($200 and up) from Dec 28 through April 28. That was started two years ago and I strongly recommend that everyone have a blackout quarter in their financial years (mine is extended due to tax year, savings stuff, insurances, major vehicle expenses and some personal book keeping).

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