UPDATE: If you don't want to scroll the comments for the full backstory, the quick version for Firefox users is to always allow "third party cookies", not just "allow cookies" or only for visited sites, tho I have no idea why it won't work on iPad now or Safari, but at least I'm back in the game y'all!

(Below is my original description of the problem and how I at least managed access to my Opposite lock blog.)

Just a little note of hope here for anyone who may be having similar trouble logging in to their existing account after the recent changes to Kinja, but in my case, my issue resolved itself just now.


Since the Kinja change, I have been unable to use my login info (I use Burner) to comment or post, I would login, it would confirm that I was logged in, but if I went to recommend, comment, etc., it again said I needed to login. I could do this obver and over again and I would not stay logged in. This happened on every device I used from MacBook to iPad and across various browsers, I tried Safari and Firefox. I even tried logging in through Gawker or i09, no luck there either.

While randomly reading articles, I finally got a new login window I hadn't seen before, the design was slightly different so I figured it was part of the new update, but it was asking me to create a new Kinja account. I tried using my user name "MotoArigato" and it said it was already in use, but after this happened my very next login attempt was successful. I don't know if it will keep me logged it, etc., yet but that's how I managed to get back into Kinja.